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How to pick the right voice for your business


The rise in video marketing strategies in eCommerce can be attributed to the increase in pre-sale expectations of the customers. It’s all about marketing your products or services by churning out product demos, explainers and brand messages. Videos add more brand stickiness to your name, logo or that exciting new offer that you want to promote. They are also much more SEO-friendly and socially-shareable content.

It’s quite simple. A successful business needs a voice. A professional one.

It is also no secret that professional voiceovers can increase the ROI of your videos. One way of doing it would be to look around for the person with the deepest voice in your neighborhood, buy the necessary equipment or download Garage Band (or any other pro-recording application) and find a noiseless environment or rent an expensive studio.

But there are distinct advantages of using professional voice-over artists. Apart from the lowered cost factors. A clear-sounding, confident and pleasant voice will draw the right sort of attention, giving your brand an air of experience, professionalism and trust.

With all the online resources available at your fingertips, why wouldn’t you want a voice that will make a solid first impression on behalf of your brand? There are many places, no matter where you are, where you can seek and find the best suited voice-over artist, at a competitive prices, for your business. For instance:

Voice Bunny
Voice Realm
Voice 123

…and of course, websites such as Fiverr.

But there are factors that you have to consider in when picking the right voice-over artist. You have to weigh in the devil in the details before shelling out a part of your marketing budget.

You must first understand the nature and expectation of your target audiences. Which are primarily the countries that they would hail from? What are the accents that they would be accustomed to hearing in their daily professional and personal lives? For instance, if you are selling insurance and loans, you might not want to use a young, squeaky and high-pitched voice. And if you are selling a selfie stick, perhaps you want to avoid using deep and bass-heavy movie-trailer vocals!

Know your budget too. It might sound like the most obvious thing ever but it can escape the best of marketers, especially for those who don’t fancy hiring big studios.  Considering just how many voice-over resources are available for hire as freelancers these days, it is best to be aware of your budgets before approaching them. It could help save a lot of time and money!

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