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5 content curation tools that will rock your world for free


Content marketing is a powerful tool to grow and influence your customers. It makes your website stand out as an interactive platform with engaging and relevant content. It helps you connect at a deeper level with site visitors.

By curating rich and trending content on relevant topics, you build authorship as part of your identity; a voice of authority that visitors can trust when it comes to industry news, views and recommendations. The facts speak for themselves.

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads

Website conversion rate is nearly 6 times higher for content marketing adopters than non-adopters

Once you start collating and distributing content from reliable sources, that’s when the search engines start paying more attention to you too. After all who doesn’t like fresh and engaging content? From your own purchasing customers and online window shoppers to search engines and even your email subscribers, everyone does!

What you need, in order to get started, is an effective content ideation and curation tool. Unfortunately, one is spoiled for choices when it comes to such tools, especially the free stuff. You have to weigh the pros and cons on content research and ideation capabilities, customization options and ease of curation.

If you don’t have the marketing budgets to go for premium versions of heavyweights such as BuzzSumo or Storify, here is a list of absolutely free options for you (We assume that you already know about Pinterest).


This service scans over 200,000 RSS feeds for news sites, blogs, social media accounts and others services. ContentGems also offers customizable result filters based on keywords and interests. Generate blog ideas, publish content to your subscribers or leverage one-click social buttons to share across social networks.



It is both a web-based and super mobile-friendly RSS reader, with a smooth and responsive GUI. Feedly lets you organize, read and share the content based on recent publications from your preferred sources. Once Google shut shop on Reader, these guys opened for business!



For those who are looking for factual news and reports rather than opinions, views or social recommendations, this is the best fit. It browses through trending news sites and agencies for fresh content, cutting out irrelevant social media chatter.



A professional content platform with which you can, by yourself or with collaborators, discover and curate targeted content. It displays the content in the form of beautifully-designed minimalist notebooks.  And users can activate filters to refine by keyword, time location and language.


What better way to curate and promote content for your visitors than in the form of online newspapers! Just spend a few minutes in picking niche topics from a variety of sources and start attracting the right sort of visitors with your content. Or you can read any one of the 350,000 other topic based newspapers on a digital newsstand.

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