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10 tips for digital retailers to strengthen their social media content


Gone are the days when social media held uni-dimensional value for eCommerce merchants. There’s more to it than just a key influencer sales of conversions. Social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs or webcasts, is impacting the way shopping will evolve in the future. As much as it can be a major boost to your online business, it can also be deal breaker for your customer. A poorly-managed social media profile of your company is likely to cause just as much damage as its inconspicuous absence.

Content, often, is one of the primary deciding factors. Whether pushing your promotional offers, highlighting deals and discounts or talking about customer service channels, it helps enhance customer lifetime value. It opens up a personal line of connection between you and your customers; a mode of communication that can potentially increase your brand value.

With that in mind, here are 10 quick tips for you to strengthen social media content in the eCommerce world.

  1. The only thing constant is…

Let’s say you have a well-run blog page for your brand. Perhaps a Facebook page. A series of podcasts. Or Twitter. While they may, in isolation, work out to be effective platforms to brand. Together, they can be a tour de force. Share the content from one to another and validate the impression that you want your customers to have of you as a premier brand.

  1. App it up

Start using third-party apps in the various social media platforms to your advantage. They can be very resourceful in helping you sustain continuous engagement with your customers. Video/photo apps, discount coupons, popular channel feeds are just some of options available for you to flex your brand’s image and bench-press it to the next level.

  1. Jack of all trends

Newsjacking is a natural extension of content marketing that involves creating authorship. Of course, you can’t jack something that is irrelevant to your brand. Let’s say you provide food takeout services and a heavy monsoonal shower is a trending topic, feel free to communicate to your audience the luxuries of eating indoors due to the bad weather.

  1. Seeing is believing

This one is a no-brainer. Literally! Ninety-percent of information that comes to the brain is visually-generated. Hence, visual content always far better than those without the bells and whistles of high-quality pictures and zany production techniques. Also, infographics rule the virtual world.  We are pretty sure there is an infographic for that.

  1. Cut, copy, paraphrase

Repurposing content can mean reposting archived content in fresh formats or updating recent content based on new occurrences. For instance, if you have a great e-book that was once popular or if it didn’t garner the momentum you felt it could have, turn it into an audio-book on it and re-display it.

  1. Heads over shoulders

In the days of yore, there’s always a guy who goes about the kingdom, drumming a beat, asking the countrymen to attend the king’s speech later. If he doesn’t do a good job, nobody would come. Even great digital content needs the hype because nobody can fully pre-empt a satisfying experience without a reason to believe so. Your hook is always in your headline.

  1. Get them to do stuff too

You know how important comments are on your brand’s profile pages but do you realize how important it is for someone typing it out too? It is because the comment is a reflection of the person’s urge to connect with your brand. The basic comments section enables that need. Why stop there? Hold contests, get your audience to discuss among themselves, ask questions and give away prizes!

  1. The rain in Spain

You absolutely must avoid language with a spam accent and basic grammatical errors.  How does one abstain from sounding spamilicious? Don’t be pushy, preachy or misleading! Posting spam-tastic messages can alienate audiences and cause a lot of reputation damage.  Don’t be spam-tacular. You can totally make up words though. Technically, every word is a made-up word, isn’t it?

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