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When pull comes to push

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A few of the reasons why you, as an online retailer, need to pay extra attention to your push notifications starting today.

Pulling customers in

When done right, push notifications can drive customer engagement, impact revenue through cart fulfillment and improve your brand value in the eCommerce space. They can contribute to an overall cohesive and integrated experience for anyone visiting your website / mobile application.

…without pushing them away

Getting too pushy about notifications is something online shoppers should never have to put up with. If planned poorly or without a certain amount of panache – it can lead to shopping cart abandonment, poor traffic and annoyed customers. Without understanding how they engage with your brand, you would, at best, be throwing darts in the dark and hoping that one of them finds its mark.

Of course there are possibilities that you may miss the board by miles, and end up hurting the shopping sentiments of your customers. Annoying customers can be disastrous to your brand value. They will leave you, without batting an eyelid, and take all their shopping needs to another player in a crowded marketplace.

Getting personal 

With the evolution of the mobile marketplace, personalized notifications are becoming increasingly important to win the allegiance of smartphone and tablet users. The evidence is in.

But no matter the device your customers are using, push notifications won’t work unless you have your finger on the pulse of your customers. If you have the right information on customers such as geo-locations, personal profiles, shopping habits, etc, you can create call-to-action messages that go beyond the purview of blanket advertisements to truly catch their attention.

The bottom line

If you delay or mismanage these messages, you can potentially lose a customer; if you do it the right way, with the right tools, it can change the way you see your customer and more importantly, the way they perceive you as a reliable source for all their shopping needs.

As mentioned earlier, with the holiday season coming up, it is about time you start pushing your inventories to suitable customers without being too pushy about it!

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GrowZippy has a cutting-edge offers and promotions management suite that could possibly skyrocket your sales. With intuitive notification tools to push the browsing and buying habits of your customers. Intelligent analytics on what they want to buy from your website but just don’t know yet. Plus, a bunch of other great advantages that you, as an eCommerce merchant, can leverage to get the edge in today’s competitive marketplace.


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