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Exit intent strategies: Second time’s the charm


Imagine if you were a brick-and-mortar store owner, and a customer – after spending a few minutes browsing through your inventory – decides to leave your store without a single purchase. What would you do? Offer to show him a product that is up for sale at a huge discount? Or a part of your inventory that he/she might not have seen? Exit intent pop-ups in e-Stores do that and a lot more depending on what your expectations are, as a digital retailer.

But you have to catch exiting customers at the right moment, and offer them a call to action that is hard to pass up, knowing what you do about them. Pop-ups can sometimes be tricky business for customers. But popups based on exit intent are a lot more acceptable because they don’t interrupt customers as they are browse your e-Store; they only pop up when your visitors start to leave your site altogether or switch to another window.

The technology is as simple as it is effective. When visitors try to back out of your page, close the current window, or click another link on their bookmarks bar, your exit-intent software will recognize that the customer’s mouse has moved off-screen. It immediately opens a popup on the screen with a customized message. You are then in a position to carry out any of these valuable customer engagement activities.

Recovering an abandoned cart: You can save a sale and encourage customers to complete the checkout process with discounted rates, seasonal offers, etc.

Building an effective email list of subscribers: Even if you are unable to close a sale, you can do the next best thing – start building trust. Keep a channel of communication open with exiting customers and inform them about special offers, coupon codes, etc.

Getting a second chance at sales: Let’s not kid anyone. When a customer is exiting, it means that he/she haven’t found what they were looking for in your e-Store. In its simplest form, exit-intent pop-ups give you that second chance to convert fleeting prospects.

Redirecting to convert: Another quick remedy that such pop-ups offer is that they can redirect the customer to another part of your e-Store. It is so that they may find something more rewarding to purchase that they did not the first time around.

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